One Word from Sophia

By Jim Averbeck

One Word from Sophia is the story of a little girl who is very passionate about having a giraffe for a pet, so passionate that she pulls together information to persuade her unwilling parents. This book could be used to teach persuasive writing as well as research presentations for students in Kindergarten through second.


Click Clack Moo

By Doreen Cronin

In this book Doreen Cronin tells the tale of stubborn cows who learn to type. With their new ability to write these cows attempt to persuade the farmer to give in to their demands. I would recommend this story book for students in Kindergarten through second grade, especially for introduction and instruction in persuasive writing.


Duck for President

By Doreen Cronin

This picture book contains fun illustrations and opinionated characters who will stop at nothing to win. Duck for President would be the perfect book for Kindergarten through second grade students as they study the electoral system in social studies. It would also be helpful for parents to read to their children during election seasons, involving their children in the voting process from the beginning.


Mufaro’s Daughters

By John Steptoe

In this wonderful African tale two daughters are contrasted against each other — one selfish and one kind. It was awarded a Caldecott honor and with its enchanting pictures it is sure to engage readers. I would recommend this story to children in first through fourth grade.

I’m Trying to Love Spiders

By Bethany Barton

This interactive and hilarious book will leave readers laughing for certain. The illustrations try their best along with the words to change the narrator’s opinion of creepy crawlies. Perfect for a spider unit, this book would be great for students in first grade through fourth.


My Pen

By Christopher Myers

Pictures tell stories and this little boy and his pen have plenty of stories to tell through pictures rather than words. With simple words and black and white illustrations, this book leaves a lot up to the imagination including what worlds readers might find in their very own pens in the future. I would recommend this book to readers in second through fourth grade.


It’s a Tiger

By David LaRochelle

Have you ever been stalked by a tiger in the pages of a book? Here is your chance to take your young reader on an adventure through the forest, seeing if you can spot the tiger before he catches you through the pages. I would recommend this interactive story to students in Kindergarten through second grade, especially those learning the trait of voice in writing.



By Peter H. Reynolds

This picture book with its soft illustrations tells the story of a boy who is disappointed with his art until his sister points out that his works are all -ish. This book encourages creativity and an understanding that things cannot be captured in their original beauty but they can be captured creatively. I would recommend this story for students in Kindergarten through second grade.


This Book just Ate my Dog

By Richard Byrne

In this fantastically creative text, a naughty book gobbles up a dog in a reversal of roles. This picture book would be a wonderful tool in teaching text features as well as for a good laugh. I would recommend this book to students in Kindergarten through second grade.


If you Plant a Seed

By Kadir Nelson

In this short picture book characters realize the importance of kindness of selfishness, especially in community. Biblical integration has the potential to be very strong with this story in connection with the parable of the sower. I would recommend this story to students in Kindergarten and first grade.